The Sun Swing

Therapeutic aid for treatment and rehabilitation

The Sun Swing has been developed for the rehabilitation and treatment of special groups. The swing has proven to be a pleasant, soothing and therapeutic aid when used at home and in care facilities.

The Therapeutic Sun Swing is warm, safe, nest-like. The swing soothes, soothes sleep, relieves pain and anxiety. A five-point seat belt and crotch support provide safety. The height of the neck pillow is adjustable.

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Dimensions and weight classes


  Small Medium Large
Seat width 25 cm 35 cm 45 cm
Seat depth 36 + 18 cm 38 + 18 cm 42 + 18 cm
Back height 52 cm 62 cm 72 cm
Weight approx. 5 kg approx. 6 kg approx. 6 kg
Height* approx. 130 cm approx. 140 cm approx. 150 cm
* without suspension triangle, spring and straps

10-55 kg 12-80 kg 15-115 kg
The weight class is selected according to the weight of the user

Materials and colors


The fabric of the Sun Swing is strong consumption resistant and does not penetrate moisture. Daily maintenance is done by vacuuming and wiping with a damp cloth or sponge. The fabric is very resistant to stain removers. The swing cover can also be washed in the washing machine. In this case, remove the suspension bar from the straps, open the zipper at the fold of the seat and backrest, and remove all padding and cushions and close the zippers. The swing can then be washed with a 40 degree sensitive washing program.

Warranty 1 year


Yellow, blue, red, dark gray, light gray, black

Strap colors
Black, dark blue, yellow, red, dark gray, light gray


The manufacturer of the Sun Swing has fulfilled all its obligations in relation to the design, manufacture and placing on the market of the product.


The suspension loop is attached to the ceiling or beam with screws or bolts suitable for the structures. Ask a professional for advice or have the installation work carried out by an expert. The swing needs empty space around it to swing.

The straps allow the height to be adjusted to suit. The inclination of the backrest can also be adjusted with the same straps.


  Price VAT 0 % Price incl. VAT 24 %
Small 910 eur 1128.40 eur
Medium 930 eur 1153.20 eur
Large 950 eur 1178.00 eur
The Sun Swings are also tailored to the special needs of the customers

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